Capitalizing on the renewed interest and consumer trend of home canning and food preserving, Columbian Home Products, LLC introduces a new micro-site dedicated to showcasing a variety of new products and helping customers and consumers learn more about the industry leading Granite·Ware® brand canning line.  Also introduced is a micro-site dedicated to the iconic Granite·Ware® brand roasters.  The signature black and white speckled ceramic finish over carbon steel gets a modern face-lift and consumer-friendly web design.  The micro-sites are the first building blocks of a complete website redesign and the foundation for a more consumer-relevant and informative, content-based Internet presence.

Utilizing responsive design technology, the micro-sites automatically adapt to viewing screen sizes and operating systems.  From smartphones, to tablets, to laptops and desktops – the interaction is optimized and information presented in the best possible configuration.  The sites are intended to open up the communication channels between customers, consumers, user groups and blogging networks by providing a vehicle for sharing content and creating a vibrant on-line community.

Visit the sites at and   We look forward to seeing you here.