Canning Pickles Seems Easy By Comparison

How long does it really take to make a sandwich from scratch? Filmmaker Andy George set about to answer that question. On his YouTube Channel, How to Make Everything, he explores the complexity and interconnections of our world by showing all of the steps necessary to collect raw materials through creation to a finished items.

He calculated that, paying himself a minimum wage and paying for his supplies, it cost approximately $1500 to complete his project. This included everything from harvesting wheat to make bread, getting honey from bees’ hives, and even flying to the Pacific Ocean, scooping up some water, and boiling it for some artisanal sea salt.

Of course, he isn’t entirely making everything from scratch.  He didn’t raise the cow for the cheese or butter, nor raise the chicken for the meat.  At some point, the steps backwards in the process are not realistic to take.

What is easy is his step #4: Canning the Pickles.  We noticed this video because among his 16 short steps, pickling was one of his steps.  On its own, some may consider canning a daunting task, but it’s straight forward and relatively easy.  If you grow any fruits or vegetables or buy them at the farmer’s market, one of the best ways to preserve the food is through canning.  Even in a refrigerator, your fruits and vegetables will start to go bad within a few days.  Canning them will make them last for months, if not longer; sealing in the nutrients, so you can enjoy them year-round.



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