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Water Bath Canning

A renaissance in home canning is underway.  Americans are canning again and Granite·Ware® has all the products, tools and accessories to do is safely and successfully.  Canning is an economical way to preserve fresh quality food at home while retaining their important vitamins and nutrients.

Gaining control over food additives and processing methods, urban gardens and farmers markets making locally grown fruits and vegetables readily available, sustaining the environment, saving money, preserving freshness and giving hand-crafted meaningful gifts are all contributing to the renewal in canning.

Pressure Canning and Pressure Cooking & Steaming

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends the pressure canner as the only safe method for canning low-acid foods – generally, vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood or a combination of low-acid and high-acid foods. Pressure canners use steam under high pressure to reach the high temperatures necessary to eliminate harmful bacteria. Use our handy canning calculator to determine the precise weight and time for many different types of food.
The Granite•Ware® Pressure Canner & Pressure cooker is constructed from anodized aluminum for safe and efficient heat distribution. Triple-redundant safety features are built into the canner to eliminate the worry associated with older versions of pressure canners. Pressure canning and cooking saves time, energy and seals in food nutrients better than any other food preserving or cooking method.

Canning Tools & Accessories

Get the most benefit and use out of your canner with Granite•Ware® canning tools and accessories. Specifically designed to make canning tasks easier and more productive, you have all that you need to prepare most types of food.

Our blancher, kettle, and colander are essential for making jams, jellies and fruit preserves. With our food mill, you can puree any fruit or vegetable to just the right consistency for creamy soups, chunky salsa and chutneys, even natural and smooth baby food. If you have a new born baby, what is a better way to ensure that you provide the best soft, paste baby food for your child?
When it comes time to distribute your canned food to others, what is the best way to top a gift, with a jar topper, of course (also in red). Whatever, your food preparation needs, the Granite•Ware® Canning tools and accessories have a solution to fulfill all of your needs.

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