Pressure Canners

Pressure Canners – Farm to Pantry Goodness

Pressure canning is used to can foods with low acid levels such as red meats, seafood, poultry and low acid vegetables. The canner achieves the high temperatures required for safely processing foods through heated water which produces steam and pressure inside the canner. Pressure cooking is fast, healthy and cost effective – it preserves flavor and nutrients, tenderizes tough cuts of meat and cooks many foods in one-third to one-tenth the time compared to traditional methods.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) endorses pressure canning as the only safe method for canning meats, poultry, seafood and low acid vegetables.

  • Granite·Ware’s® 12 and 20 quart pressure canners are large capacity pressure vessels designed for home canning but because of their hard anodized finish they can also be used as a pressure cooker and steamer with outstanding results and no adverse effects on the taste or color of your food. Their large capacity is large enough to create family-sized meals with ease.
  • Granite·Ware’s 12 and 20 quart pressure canners both come with steamer inserts to hold canning jars and food out of liquids. The 20 qt pressure canner also includes a separate canning jar rack.
  • Granite·Ware’s pressure canner pressure regulator is calibrated for three different pressure levels measured in pounds per square inch or psi to accommodate your geographical elevation.
  • Besides the main pressure regulator, Granite·Ware’s pressure canners are each manufactured with two additional safety valves as back-ups to the main pressure system.
  • There are many resources for home canning, food preservation and recipes. Some of our favorites include: Ball Blue Book: Guide to Preserving, United States Department of Agriculture, and National Center for Home Food Preservation: University of Georgia Extension