Seafood Pots

Whether you’re steaming seafood, boiling lobster or cooking up a shore dinner, Granite·Ware® specialty seafood pots are unique, multi-functional and perfect for the job.

  • Steamer inserts raise the food out of the cooking liquid.
  • Cake Pan insert – this type of insert looks like a cake pan with holes in the bottom. It sits on the bottom of the pot with its holes facing up. The food then rests on the insert ready for steaming.
  • The Basket, another type of insert with handles, fits into the steaming pot. The entire basket is removed at once when the food is done cooking in the hot/boiling liquid.
  • Tiered pots allow you to steam different foods simultaneously but for different lengths of time. You can start cooking potatoes and corn and then add a tier of lobster and clams for a delicious clambake.

Captain Quackenbush™ by Granite·Ware® provides a complete line of seafood tools and accessories to make your seafood delights effortless to eat and enjoy!

  • Granite·Ware® is all natural, free of any unhealthy chemicals, PFOA or PTFE.
  • Its porcelain surface is fused to a steel core providing strength and even heat distribution.
  • The dark colored Granite·Ware® surface evenly and efficiently absorbs and distributes heat.
  • The natural, non-reactive porcelain surface of Granite·Ware® will not alter the taste, color or nutritional value of your food.
  • Granite·Ware® is dishwasher and metal tool safe.