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Stock pots for cherished family recipes to fun Food Network® recipes and all recipes in between

Granite·Ware® offers the largest variety of stock pots in the market today.  Whether you’re looking to make your favorite soup, stew or chili recipe for 2 or 200 people, we have the solution to your stovetop cooking needs.
Granite·Ware® stock pots have a carbon steel core for strength, conductivity and even heat distribution.  The real ceramic finish is fused to the steel at temperatures near 2,000°F producing a non-porous, inert glass surface that is naturally non-stick and will not interact with or alter the taste, color or nutritional value of your healthy recipes.


Chicken soup, chili, beef stew, seafood and all manner of soups and stews cook quickly and evenly without any PTFE’s, PFOA’s or other chemicals.  Granite·Ware® stock pots come in sizes from 4-qt to 50-qt and in many specialty cookware options for steaming,  slow cooking, seafood boiling, chili, tamale, gumbo, soups and stews.

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