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Granite Ware stock pots come in a range of sizes suitable for an array of meals to feed a crowd or just the family. Make warm meals that will leave you feeling nostalgic about your favorite childhood recipes. Whether it’s grandma’s Matzo Ball Soup recipe or one from your favorite cookbook - the stock pot will be your best friend in uncovering something great. 

Winter is creeping around the corner and the chilly weather is bringing on a change in taste. As the sun sets earlier and earlier, you have the perfect excuse to spend time in the kitchen creating hearty recipes full of flavor. Tackle that new recipe and give your loved ones something special to enjoy. 

The Material

Our stock pots come in three sizes: 12 qt15.5 qt, and 21 qt. So no matter the size of the job, we have you covered. Naturally nonstick, our stock pots distribute heat evenly so that cooking is convenient and easy. Due to their innovative construction, no chemicals are added to the food, so the nutrients and natural flavor are preserved. They are easy to wash and perfect for meals outdoors or at home. Long-lasting enough to be passed down through generations, so you can get the most out of your stock pot. 

Difference Between a Stock Pot and a Stew Pot

Tall and narrow, stock pots hold a greater liquid volume than soup pots, which have short and widened sides.

To ensure rapid heating and rapid boiling, stock  pot bottoms are thin and conduct heat quickly. Soup pots have a heavier base and are designed to conduct heat consistently while preventing burning in slow simmers.

Best Practices 

Have your ingredients prepped before you get started - Being proactive is a major key in executing recipes smoothly. Chop your veggies, prepare your meats, and have your liquids and spices measured out. 

Keep your eyes on the prize - Make sure to watch your dish and keep the heat right where the recipe specifies. Consistency is key, and you want it to taste just as intended. No one wants a bubbling fiasco. 

Keep it clean - Always make sure to allow your piece to cool down, before washing it. We make it easy with our porcelain enamel that is dishwasher safe! 

Use oven mitts - The stock pot will get hot so be careful when you are serving up your immaculate creation. 

Recipes to Try!

  1. Pasta e Fagioli

This soup is guaranteed to be delizioso! And you wanna know the best part? You only need your Granite Ware stock pot to make it. 

This will put a mosaic of color on the table. Packed with vegetables for nutrients, and pasta to keep your family full - because what’s winter without some carbs? The fresh herbs will leave your tastebuds satisfied and make the best use of your garden. 

  1. Best Ever One Pot Beef Stew 

This recipe is juicy and smells of aromatic yumminess! If you have a family of meat lovers - this is for you. 

It makes 8 servings so make sure you are hungry and have plenty of mouths to feed. Mouthwatering and tender beef that will keep everyone coming back for seconds, or thirds, no judgment here. 

  1. Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

I think we can all agree that salty = excellent. This recipe is super simple and a great way to use your fall vegetables. Usually served with one matzo ball - but who’s counting?

A great holiday dish to give everyone their fair share of scrumptiousness. The thin broth is the perfect companion to the hearty matzo balls. Great for a cold winter day, where the only thing to warm you up is a warm soup. 

  1. Curried Vegetable Soup

Where healthy meets creamy, this soup promises to impress. Vegetarian or not, this soup is a great way to eat your veggies. 

Made with broccoli, cauliflower, and greek yogurt, it’s just what you need for a nutritious winter meal.


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