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Looking for convenience in your cooking this year? We have you covered. From the simplicity of concept to clean-up, one-pan meals are perfect for a busy weeknight.  At Granite Ware, we are all about doing what works best for you to bring joy to the dinner table—and we refuse to let go of an ounce of deliciousness in the process. Here are some of our favorite one-pan recipes:

  1.  Chicken Biscuit Recipe 

Whether you are from the south or just have good taste, we know everyone loves a good biscuit recipe. This creamy, salty, and veggie-packed dish can be made in your Granite Ware Round Covered Roaster, just take off the top! 

  1. One-pan Yellow Pork Curry

Did somebody say cabana? Use your Granite Ware 13 in. Covered oval roaster to travel to the tropics with this mouth-watering coconut rice dish. The mixture of rice, meat, and vegetables will be easy to make from what you have at home. 

  1. Goulash

Experience Germany through the aromatic smell of this creamy soup. The hearty ground beef and tender pasta make it a filling and affordable recipe-now, who doesn’t love that? With the perfect spice mix, this soup will drive your taste buds crazy and have you running back for more. Use our 12 qt stock pot to have enough goulash to go around. 

  1. Chicken Ramen Noodle Casserole 

Just when you thought you’d seen every casserole imaginable… surprise! Your favorite noodle soup has just been elevated to a whole new level. 3 steps. That’s all! This ramen dish has veggies, noodles, and dare I say… cheese! You can thank us later for the happiness this will bring you. Use the Graniteware 5 qt. Covered casserole dish for the best results! 

  1. Seafood Stew with Borlotti Beans and Tomato

Experiment in your 15.5 qt stock pot with your favorite seafood in this tasty stew! This dish is packed with nutrients from the beans to the protein, to the essence of the herbs. Make it for your guests, at your own risk of being the center of attention for weeks to come. Serve with crispy bread to soak up the flavorful broth! 


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