— Since 1871 —

An American
Cookware Story

— Since 1871 —

Granite•Ware® by Columbian Home Products has been a part of American kitchens for nearly 150 years. Our classic enamel coated cookware continues to be manufactured in our family owned, Terre Haute, Indiana factory as it has been since 1906.

It is the original speckled cookware that has helped generations of families turn holiday feasts and everyday meals into cherished memories.

Granite•Ware® is made by fusing porcelain to a steel core at 1,500 ºF. The steel core provides strength and even heat distribution while the porcelain surface is inert and naturally nonstick. Porcelain is all natural and will not alter the color, taste or nutritional value of your food. There is no PTFE, PFOA or other unhealthy chemicals in Granite•Ware®.